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A blend of Apple Pie, Caramel, Chocolate, Sweet Butter and Vanilla

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[2/5] Not our favorite

[0/5] 5

[3/5] Tastes awesome, it seemed like it was a little stale though but still tasted great

[5/5] A nice mix

[5/5] We will be ordering this for our Dec. popcorn Wed. it is very good!

[5/5] This is a wonderful mix of flavors that is very satisfying.

[4/5] Good stuff:)

[5/5] good

[5/5] Very tasty; the cinnamon was by far the best of this bunch!

[5/5] Amazing taste! A tad bit sticky but the taste of vanilla, caramel, chocolate and cinnamon just make this a great tasty snack!

[5/5] Great mixture of flavors!

[5/5] Great combination of flavors

[5/5] I love confetti you can eat and don't have to shred first!

[4/5] I was expecting all fruit flavors. I think I ordered the wrong item. But this is delicious.

[4/5] if you have a sweet tooth, this ones for you!

[5/5] did not care for the apple taste

[5/5] YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!!!!

[0/5] Was a gift. Have not tried it myself.

[5/5] extremely flavorful and nice puffy kernels

[5/5] This has to be my favorite, I love the mixture so much, I only wish it had toffee in it.

[4/5] There is nothing like that apple pie popcorn!!! but i get to stir through the great chocolate and sweet butter to get to it (i try to avoid the double butter not one of my fav) what about peanut butter in there?

[5/5] Have ordered Fruit Salad but for my taste buds Confetti is better.

[1/5] same as above

[4/5] I love the apple pie & the vanilla flavors, it was heaven

Allergy Information: All of our products are produced in the same equipment that may come in contact with products containing Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, and Soy.

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