Our COVID-19 Opening Changes

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to maintain making our delicious popcorn for our customers to enjoy and send a little bit of normal to those with Stay at Home orders through our website with UPS shipping. During this time, being a food based store, we made the choice to remain closed to the public so that we could maintain strict controls over who and what was happening in our store while the medical and scientific community figured out what would be the best course of action. For many weeks our husband and wife owners were the only ones at the store producing and filling all of the orders to minimize any potential transmission. They also followed the Stay At Home order, making extremely minimal trips outside other than the Popcorn Wagon. As the State of Michigan has begun to slowly reopen, we've decided that we would begin to slowly reopen our store once we had safety procedures in place to minimize the potential of transmission.

Now that more information is known and restrictions are easing, we've decided to begin opening back up to in store customer traffic. We have made many changes during our time closed, looking for ways that we could reopen while keeping our staff and customers safe. We've looked all the recommendations from many different organizations and have developed plans to ensure we can be open and as safe as possible.

As we being to open we have a few changes that our previous in store customers will quickly notice. We ask that everyone coming to visit give everyone, staff and other customers, patience and understanding and we all process this unprecedented situation differently. Below are a few of the changes we've made to minimize transmission and make our store as safe as possible.

  • No in store samples per government regulations. This breaks our heart as well. This was the time we got to talk to and share our popcorn with our customers. We hope that someday soon we will be able to share again.
  • In store ordering will be different. We have stations with clipboards and order forms for you to fill out. This will help if you have multiple people in your party as we are currently requesting just one individual from each group come in whenever possible. Once you're ready to order, you can see our friendly cashiers where you place and pay for your order. You order is then queued up and we will let you know once it is ready. You can wait in store (practicing social distancing), leave the store and return a little later, or our new and highly recommended method, leave us with your mobile number and we'll text you when it's ready! We love this option as it will allow you to spend your time enjoying other shops and Frankenmuth instead of waiting in a line! Once notified you just need to stop in, go to the pick up window, and we'll hand you your bagged order ready to go!
  • Order Online for same day in store pickup! This is a new system we are super excited for! We know one of the biggest complaints has always been our line. We've enhanced our website and entire workflow to allow same day pickup, in most cases, when you order online. When you order online, you will be sent an email and optional text message when your order is ready, so you can spend more time enjoying all Frankenmuth has to offer! Orders gets queued up as they come in and will be ready as soon as possible. Once notified you just need to stop in, go to the pick up window, and we'll hand you your bagged order ready to go!
  • Acrylic guards and Decals. Like many stores, you'll see the addition of acrylic walls and our few floor decals will help our customers practice social distancing.
  • Contactless Payment Options. Our credit card payment system has for quite some time supported contactless payments like RFID cards, phone, and watches and we highly encourage you to utilize this technology. We will still accept cash, and please do not be offended as we will wear single use gloves for cash transactions.
  • Increased Safety Measures. All of our employees will be following recommended mask wearing guidelines and we highly encourage our visitors who can tolerate them to as well. And in following with CDC and other guidelines, we've increased our washing and sanitizing procedures as well as health screenings for our employees. We are also limiting the number of customers in our store and have hours specifically for at risk customers. We will continue to monitor conditions and updated recommendations.

We are constantly looking at additional ways to improve your experience and keep you safe while shopping with us. We hope that during this transition you will offer everyone some patience as we work through any bugs and hiccups and we truly appreciate all of our customers and staff and we are working hard to keep everyone as safe as we can.

Our current store hours are:
Daily from 11am to 4pm
At Risk Hours from 10:30 am to 11am.

Our floor decals help to promote social distancing and our new acrylic panels help to keep our popcorn filling area safe from outside contamination.

Our order forms help you get your party's order ready and allows just 1 person to have to enter the store.

Our numbered floor queue helps you social distance while waiting to order.