White Chocolate Raspberry

4.9 Stars From 8 reviews
A White Chocolate drizzled over Red Raspberry flavored popcorn. Shipping Note: Chocolate may melt during delivery to warmer climates. We cannot be responsible for shipping quality on drizzled popcorn. Limited quantities are available and may delay shipment. Also may not be available for delayed shipping. Package contains 9 oz of popcorn.
Price: $6.95


Allergy Information: All of our products are produced in the same equipment that may come in contact with products containing Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, and Soy.

Customer Reviews

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Aimee from Depere, WI
2019-02-06 18:26:43

Family Favorite

Beth from Rochester Hills, MI
2019-01-10 01:46:13


Carolyn from Fredericksburg, VA
2018-12-27 15:07:35

Spot on! My favorite flavor so far. Very flavorful yet not overdone.

Kim from Taylor, MI
2018-02-05 05:59:15

The best flavor you have!

Filomena from Lansing, MI
2017-11-27 10:09:29

Red raspberry with peanut butter was my favorite. This is great

Kelsey from Reno, NV
2017-11-20 01:08:40

Favorite one.