Eco-Friendly Laminated Popcorn Bags

25 pk Eco-Friendly Laminated Popcorn Bags

These cute little popcorn bags are a perfect addition to your movie night, celebration, or theater room. These Eco-Friendly Blue Laminated Popcorn Bags have an eye-catching design and are made with natural-fiber papers. They feature gusseted sides for easy standing, a heat-sealed bottom to prevent leaks, and are also grease resistant to keep the butter topping from coming through the bags.

Package Contains: 25 Pack Grease Resistant Coating Perfect For Butter Topping Size: 3x4x6.5” - Gusseted/Stand Up Bag - Holds about 1.5 oz / 6 cups
Price: $3.95
Great for Home Theaters & Events! 25 Pack Laminated Eco-Friendly Paper Bags come packaged in a plastic bag with a priced label. Popcorn not included.

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