Closing Gift Ideas for Realtors

When closing on a house, it is never a bad idea to give a new homeowner a gift for the special day when they first arrive in their new home.  Imagine the homeowners walking in to find a gift basket or tin full of popcorn waiting for them in their kitchen counter.  The big smiles they will have on their face will be priceless and you will leave them feeling as though they had the best realtor in the market.

Should I Give a Gift?

Realtor gifts for closing gift ideas

A lot of realtors question whether or not they should give gifts to new homeowners.  The answer should always be YES!  A welcome gift into a new house is always a delight, especially after the hassle of trying to find the perfect home and move their belongings.  Finding a nice home warming gift as soon as they walk in to get settled into their new home might just be the stress relief they need.  

The best closing gift idea for realtors is having food products for their clients.  Food is the ultimate comfort item and when you are just moved into a home, clients will not have the time to go grocery shopping.  Having some light snack foods to eat while they work on moving is the best idea.  Popcorn makes the best gift for any client and stays fresh long enough for them to get time to go grocery shopping and get all settled into their new home.

What Should I Buy?

There are tons of options as realtor gifts for new homeowners.  Having a gift basket for new homeowners is a great idea.  The Popcorn Wagon Frankenmuth has a gift box option that will suit your clients.  The gift box comes with two medium-size bags with any flavors that you choose.  We suggest going with a more traditional flavor combination unless you know what flavors your clients would prefer.  The most traditional combination of flavors is Cheddar Cheese and Caramel.  Having a medium of both a sweet and salty flavor will suit any client and leave them feeling relieved that they chose you as their realtor.

How to Order a Realtor Gift?

All of our popcorn is capable of being shipped and delivered to any address of your choosing.  If you would like it shipped to the client’s new home, we can surely do so as well as ship it to the business you work for.  The realtor gift boxes can be ordered online or over the phone and shipped at any time.  We have a delayed shipping option that lets you order your popcorn in advance for a planned buy, or can be shipped ASAP for those clients that are moving in as soon as they buy their new home.  Our popcorn is also guaranteed to last for up to 30 days as long as it is kept out of the heat and humidity and the bags are sealed up nice and tight.  So, make sure that you know exactly when your new homeowners will be moving in, in order to have the freshest popcorn possible.