Oils and Salts

Amish 4oz Ballpark Salt
4.8 Stars
from 4 reviews

Add some butter flavor to your popcorn without the mess! By adding the Amish Country Ballpark ... Read More
Amish Buttery Topping
4.3 Stars
from 8 reviews

Looking for a buttery topping like you get at the movies? Try Amish Country butter topping. ... Read More
Amish Canola Oil
No Reviews left
This great light tasting, buttery flavored, Canola Oil is a favorite popcorn oil for most popcorn ... Read More
Amish Coconut Oil
5.0 Stars
from 5 reviews

Great tasting coconut oil, colored with Beta Carotene.
Flavacol Buttery Salt Shaker
No Reviews left
6oz plastic shaker bottle
Gold Medal Popcorn & Nut Salt
5.0 Stars
from 1 reviews