Milk Chocolates

Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties 1/2lb
Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties
4.9 Stars from 8 reviews
This favorite mixes decadent pecans, chewy caramel, and smooth milk chocolate. Half Pound Bag ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Cinn. Graham Pretzel 1/3lb
Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Graham Pretzel
5.0 Stars from 2 reviews
Crunchy Honey Cinnamon Graham flavored pretzels with creamy milk chocolate for a crispy sweet ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites 1/2lb
Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites
4.7 Stars from 6 reviews
These perfectly pop-able treats start with a cookie dough bite that is covered with creamy ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Double Dip Peanuts 1/2lb
Milk Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts
4.7 Stars from 3 reviews
Delicious extra large Virginia peanuts, freshly roasted, dipped in rich milk chocolate two ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears 1/2 lb
Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears

No Reviews left

These tasty Gummi Bears took a dip into creamy milk chocolate! Each mix features an assortment ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanuts 1/2lb
4.5 Stars from 4 reviews
Large Virginia peanuts coated in a layer of creamy peanut butter then dipped in rich milk chocolate. ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Raisins 1/2lb
Milk Chocolate Raisins
5.0 Stars from 1 reviews
Extra large California raisins coated in thick, rich chocolate. Half Pound Bag of Milk Chocolate ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Toffee w/ Sea Salt 1/2lb
Milk Chocolate Toffee with Sea Salt
4.9 Stars from 8 reviews
Buttery toffee coated in real milk chocolate, with a sprinkle of sea salt. A sweet and salty ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Triple Dip Malt Balls 1/2lb
Milk Chocolate Triple Dipped Malt Balls
5.0 Stars from 5 reviews
Crunchy malt balls triple dipped in smooth milk chocolate. Half Pound Bag of Delicious Milk ... Read More
White Chocolate Key Lime Pie Drizzle Popcorn
White Chocolate Key Lime Drizzle Popcorn
4.9 Stars from 16 reviews
Key Lime and Cream Cheese Popcorn mix with candy coated Graham Cracker pieces then drizzled ... Read More
White Chocolate Unicorn Mix Drizzle
White Chocolate Unicorn  Drizzle Popcorn
4.8 Stars from 19 reviews
A Magical Mix of: Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Watermelon drizzled with White Chocolate and sugar ... Read More