Popcorn Bar Calculator

Once you've entered the numbers below, our calculator will build an editable table below with the number of flavors and how many of each bag you will need to reach your Guest Per Cup number. You can then change the flavor names to match which flavors you want. The calculator will keep a total along the bottom of current cost for popcorn (based on flavors and number of bags) as well as the number of total cups and the number of cups per person. This way you can tweak the amount of each flavor you want, while maintaining the desired cups per person. Once you have it all figured out, click "Add to Cart" and it will add all the configured bags of each flavor to your cart!

Also, did you know you don't have to try and guess when to place your order for the freshest popcorn? Our Delay Shipping option during checkout lets you specify when you want it delivered, and then we do all the scheduling work for you. Also, we don't charge your credit card until we get closer to the ship date, so you can place your order early and get on with the rest of your planning!

Number of Guests

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Cups of Popcorn per Guest

We recommend 2-4 cups per person. Not sure which? Visit our wedding popcorn bar planning page for considerations.

Number of Flavors

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Flavor Medium Bags
16 cups
Family Bags
50 cups
Party Bags
100 cups
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