A lightly salted traditional popcorn.
Lightly Salted
4.7 Stars    from 168 reviews

We've lightened up our traditional salted popcorn for those watching their salt intake. Lightly ... Read More

4.7 Stars    from 246 reviews

No need to go to the movie theater to get the perfect Salted Popcorn. Salty & buttery, this ... Read More

Bacon and Cheese Popcorn
Bacon and Cheese
4.4 Stars    from 185 reviews

Try our bold Bacon and Cheese Popcorn! Savory & smoky bacon is mixed with creamy cheese to ... Read More

Cheddar Cheese Caramel Popcorn Mix
Bavarian Style
4.7 Stars    from 363 reviews

A Cheddar Cheese Caramel Popcorn Mix. This awesome mix provides a wonderful salty and cheesy ... Read More

Buffalo Ranch
4.6 Stars    from 129 reviews

A Popcorn Wagon Exclusive flavor! Creamy, spicy buffalo with tangy buttermilk ranch. Buffalo ... Read More

Cheddar and Sour Cream
4.6 Stars    from 162 reviews

Cheddar Cheese & Sour Cream make a great combo in our Cheddar and Sour Cream Popcorn - Creamy, ... Read More

Cheddar Cheese
4.7 Stars    from 286 reviews

Cheddar Cheese Popcorn is a classic and Popcorn Wagon Frankenmuth favorite! Creamy & Cheesy ... Read More

Dill Pickle
4.7 Stars    from 329 reviews

Yes. Dill Pickle Popcorn. It's Awesome! Dill Pickle is a Popcorn Wagon Frankenmuth Favorite! ... Read More

Jalapeno Popper
4.7 Stars    from 109 reviews

Our Jalapeno Popper Popcorn is a house specialty that brings together spicy jalapeno, savory ... Read More

Loaded Baked Potato Popcorn
Loaded Baked Potato
4.6 Stars    from 90 reviews

No need to heat up the oven to enjoy a baked potato! We've added all your favorite tater toppings ... Read More

Parmesan and Garlic Popcorn
Parmesan and Garlic
4.6 Stars    from 173 reviews

Salty Parmesan Meets Savory Garlic For A Unique Flavor Experience. Parmesan and Garlic Popcorn ... Read More

4.6 Stars    from 109 reviews

Tangy & creamy buttermilk flavor comes together with savory ranch spices to create Ranch Popcorn. ... Read More

Salt and Vinegar
4.6 Stars    from 158 reviews

If you love salt and vinegar chips, you won't be disappointed with this tangy, tart, & salty ... Read More

Spicy Hot
4.4 Stars    from 120 reviews

Spicy Hot Popcorn is a fan favorite and we can see why! This robust cayenne pepper flavored ... Read More

White Cheddar Cheese
4.7 Stars    from 272 reviews

White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn is a delicious cheddar cheese popcorn without the pesky orange ... Read More

Apple Pie Popcorn
Apple Pie
4.7 Stars    from 141 reviews

An apple pie flavor just like Grandma used to make. Cinnamony Sweet Candied Popcorn made right ... Read More

Banana  Popcorn
4.7 Stars    from 35 reviews

Crunchy, Sweet , & Ohhhh Sooo Good. Our Banana Popcorn is just like your favorite taffy or ... Read More

Banana Split Popcorn
Banana Split
4.6 Stars    from 99 reviews

No need to scoop ice cream! This fun candied popcorn will hit the spot with it's blend of Strawberry, ... Read More

Birthday Cake Popcorn
Birthday Cake
4.8 Stars    from 92 reviews

Like licking the spoons of a fresh batch of birthday cake batter! Sweet, Vanilla Birthday Cake ... Read More

Blue Raspberry Popcorn
Blue Raspberry
4.5 Stars    from 44 reviews

Sweet, Bright, & Fruity! Blue Raspberry Popcorn is a favorite with our younger customers!

4.4 Stars    from 52 reviews

Blueberry Popcorn has a delicious candy coating with a great deep blue color. It's sweet and ... Read More

Caramel Popcorn
4.8 Stars    from 297 reviews

Our Caramel Popcorn is a classic that we are sure you will love. Our caramel popcorn is the ... Read More

Caramel Apple
4.6 Stars    from 122 reviews

The perfect combination of tart, green apple candy coated with rich, creamy, caramel and is ... Read More

4.6 Stars    from 74 reviews

Our Cherry Popcorn is reminiscent of your favorite cherry candy. Its bright flavor and color ... Read More

4.5 Stars    from 73 reviews

If you're looking for rich, chocolaty goodness in every bite you'll love our Chocolate Popcorn!

Chunky Monkey Popcorn
Chunky Monkey
4.8 Stars    from 49 reviews

Crunchy Peanut Butter, Rich Chocolate, and Fruity Banana combined for a unique popcorn experience. ... Read More

4.6 Stars    from 158 reviews

A blend of Apple Pie, Caramel, Chocolate, Sweet Butter and Vanilla flavors mixed all together. ... Read More

Fruit Salad
4.7 Stars    from 267 reviews

Fruit Salad is a fun combination of all nine of our fruit flavors. Delightfully fruity & rainbow ... Read More

4.3 Stars    from 35 reviews

Raise you hands if you love Grape Soda? Our Grape Popcorn has a great grape flavor and is ... Read More

Green Apple
4.5 Stars    from 38 reviews

Green Apple Popcorn is crisp, sweet, and a bit tart, just like a candied apple should be!

Kettle Corn our Gourmet Popcorn
Kettle Corn
4.6 Stars    from 215 reviews

Try this old fashioned favorite! Our Kettle Corn Popcorn has a light sweet glaze mixed with ... Read More

Lemon Popcorn
No Reviews left

Sweet and Tart. Lemon Popcorn is a light, refreshingly sweet seasonal favorite. Lemon Popcorn ... Read More

3.9 Stars    from 23 reviews

Tantalize the taste buds with this light, sweet, and citrus flavored Orange Popcorn .

Peanut Butter
4.7 Stars    from 119 reviews

We've combined creamy Peanut Butter and fluffy popcorn for a crunchy, peanut buttery experience ... Read More

Peanut Butter and Jelly
4.8 Stars    from 52 reviews

You'll be transported back in time with this mix of creamy Peanut Butter and bright, fruity ... Read More

Red Cinnamon
Red Hot Cinnamon
4.4 Stars    from 26 reviews

The intense cinnamon flavored popcorn leaves your taste buds wanting more of its spicy, sweetness! ... Read More

4.5 Stars    from 38 reviews

It's always strawberry season with our Strawberry Popcorn. It's a deliciously fruity candy ... Read More

Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
5 Stars    from 2 reviews

No need for a glass to enjoy some strawberry lemonade. Our Strawberry Lemonade Popcorn is a ... Read More

Sweet Butter
4.7 Stars    from 158 reviews

Sweet Butter Popcorn is made with real butter for a sweet, buttery, & crunchy experience in ... Read More

4.2 Stars    from 40 reviews

Classic vanilla on a sweet candy coated popcorn. This Vanilla Popcorn flavor is reminiscent ... Read More

4.1 Stars    from 37 reviews

New and Improved! Watermelon Popcorn is sweet, delicious, and seedless too! This flavor reminds ... Read More

Caramel with Almonds and Pecans
4.7 Stars    from 101 reviews

Caramel Almonds and Pecans is the perfect upgrade to our classic flavor. A blend of our classic ... Read More

Caramel with Cashews
4.8 Stars    from 102 reviews

Caramel with Cashews is the perfect upgrade to our classic flavor. A blend of our classic ... Read More

Caramel with Peanuts
4.8 Stars    from 34 reviews

Caramel with Peanuts is the perfect upgrade to our classic flavor. A blend of our classic ... Read More

Cheesy Caramel
4.6 Stars    from 94 reviews

This flavor takes the basic Caramel & Cheese combination to a whole new level! For Cheesy Caramel ... Read More

Chocolate with M&Ms
4.7 Stars    from 38 reviews

If you're looking for rich, chocolaty goodness in every bite you'll love our Chocolate Popcorn! ... Read More

Cookies and Cream
4.7 Stars    from 163 reviews

We've take our Vanilla Popcorn and tumbled it with crushed Oreo Cookies and thrown in more ... Read More

Extra Terrestrial
4.8 Stars    from 182 reviews

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Popcorn combined with Reese's Pieces (and/or Reese's Pieces Minis) ... Read More

Sweet Butter with Almonds and Pecans
4.6 Stars    from 86 reviews

Sweet Butter with Almonds and Pecans Popcorn is made with real butter for a sweet, buttery, ... Read More

Specialty Flavors

Our specialty flavors! These flavors may only be available for a limited time or in limited quantities. Some (like our Drizzled Chocolates) may be affected by warmer climates when shipping (such as chocolate melting). Some flavors may not be available for delay shipping (we will contact you if there is an issue).

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Drizzle Popcorn
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Drizzle Popcorn
4.9 Stars from 67 reviews
A Dark Chocolate Drizzled over our Caramel Popcorn then topped with coarse sea salt. Like ... Read More
Milk Chocolate Smores Drizzle Popcorn
Milk Chocolate Smores Drizzle Popcorn
4 Stars from 5 reviews
No campfire necessary to enjoy a chocolaty s'mores! We've taken our sweet Vanilla Popcorn and ... Read More
White Chocolate Key Lime Pie Drizzle Popcorn
White Chocolate Key Lime Drizzle Popcorn
4.9 Stars from 16 reviews
Key Lime and Cream Cheese Popcorn mix with candy coated Graham Cracker pieces then drizzled ... Read More