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A lightly salted traditional popcorn.
Lightly Salted
4.7 Stars    from 111 reviews

We've lightened up our traditional salted popcorn for those watching their salt intake. Lightly ... Read More

4.6 Stars    from 134 reviews

No need to go to the movie theater to get the perfect salted popcorn. Salty & buttery, this ... Read More


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Bacon and Cheese Popcorn
Bacon and Cheese
4.3 Stars    from 116 reviews

Savory poporn with flavors of Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.

Chicago Style Popcorn
Bavarian Style
4.7 Stars    from 210 reviews

Our take on a Classic Mix born in Chicago is a blend of our Traditional Salted Popcorn, Cheddar ... Read More

Buffalo Ranch
4.6 Stars    from 76 reviews

A Popcorn Wagon Exclusive flavor!

Cheddar and Sour Cream
4.6 Stars    from 76 reviews

Cheddar cheese and sour cream make a great combo!

Cheddar Cheese
4.6 Stars    from 160 reviews

Our standard Cheddar Cheese Flavor.

Dill Pickle
4.6 Stars    from 188 reviews

Dill Pickle is a Popcorn Wagon Favorite! Yes. Dill Pickle. It's Awesome!

Jalapeno Popper
4.6 Stars    from 59 reviews

Jalapeno Popper brings together jalapeno flavor with white cheddar cheese, sour cream, and ... Read More

Loaded Baked Potato
4.7 Stars    from 36 reviews

Parmesan and Garlic Popcorn
Parmesan and Garlic Popcorn
4.4 Stars    from 99 reviews

Salty Parmesan Meets Savory Garlic For A Unique Flavor Experience.

Pretzel Ale
4.3 Stars    from 12 reviews

A salty with a touch of sweet flavor that is reminiscent of a pub pretzel and cheese dip! Perfect ... Read More

4.6 Stars    from 73 reviews

Tangy & Creamy Buttermilk Flavored Popcorn Combined With You Favorite Savory Ranch Spices. ... Read More

Salt and Vinegar
4.5 Stars    from 94 reviews

If you love salt and vinegar chips, you won't be disappointed with this tangy, tart, & salty ... Read More

Spicy Hot
4.3 Stars    from 77 reviews

Spicy Hot is a Popcorn Wagon Fan Favorite and we can see why! This robust cayenne pepper flavored ... Read More

White Cheddar Cheese
4.7 Stars    from 165 reviews

White Cheddar is a delicious cheddar cheese popcorn without the pesky orange fingers. We've ... Read More


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Apple Pie
4.7 Stars    from 82 reviews

An apple pie flavor just like Grandma used to make.

4.5 Stars    from 22 reviews

Banana Split
4.6 Stars    from 61 reviews

A blend of Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Banana

Birthday Cake
4.8 Stars    from 23 reviews

Like licking the spoons of a fresh batch of birthday cake batter!

Blue Raspberry
4.0 Stars    from 21 reviews

4.2 Stars    from 37 reviews

Caramel Popcorn
4.7 Stars    from 175 reviews

Our Caramel Popcorn is a classic that we are sure you will love. We cook each of our caramel ... Read More

Caramel Apple
4.5 Stars    from 72 reviews

A mix between Caramel and Green Apple - a fall favorite!

4.5 Stars    from 41 reviews

4.5 Stars    from 52 reviews

Chunky Monkey Popcorn
Chunky Monkey
No Reviews left

Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Banana combined for a unique popcorn experience.

4.5 Stars    from 114 reviews

A blend of Apple Pie, Caramel, Chocolate, Sweet Butter and Vanilla

Fruit Salad
4.6 Stars    from 175 reviews

A blend of our 9 different fruit flavors.

4.2 Stars    from 26 reviews

Green Apple
4.3 Stars    from 27 reviews

Kettle Corn our Gourmet Popcorn
Kettle Corn
4.5 Stars    from 125 reviews

Our Kettle Corn has a light sweet glaze mixed with an extra touch of salt to provide a sweet/salty ... Read More

Maple Bacon
4.7 Stars    from 13 reviews

A blend of a candied Maple flavor and our Bacon and Cheddar.

4.0 Stars    from 12 reviews

Peanut Butter
4.7 Stars    from 68 reviews

This great flavor combines creamy Jif Peanut Butter with fluffy popcorn for a crunchy peanut ... Read More

Peanut Butter and Jelly
4.8 Stars    from 12 reviews

A mix of Peanut Butter and Red Raspberry Popcorn Flavors. The only thing missing is the slice ... Read More

4.3 Stars    from 22 reviews

Sweet and delicious strawberry flavor candied popcorn.

Sweet Butter
4.8 Stars    from 95 reviews

Sweet Butter popcorn is made with real butter for a sweet, buttery, & crunchy experience in ... Read More

4.1 Stars    from 25 reviews

Classic vanilla on a sweet candy coated popcorn. This flavor is reminiscent of a marshmallow.

3.5 Stars    from 22 reviews


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Caramel with Almonds and Pecans
4.7 Stars    from 58 reviews

A blend of Caramel with Almonds and Pecans.

Caramel with Cashews
4.8 Stars    from 49 reviews

A blend of Caramel with Cashews.

Caramel with Peanuts
4.7 Stars    from 19 reviews

A blend of Caramel with Peanuts

Cheesy Caramel
4.7 Stars    from 43 reviews

Taking the Caramel/Cheese combination to a whole new level. We coat the popcorn with our cheddar ... Read More

Chocolate with MM
4.6 Stars    from 35 reviews

Chocolate Popcorn mixed with M&M candies.

Cookies and Cream
4.7 Stars    from 114 reviews

Vanilla Popcorn with crushed Oreo Cookies.

Extra Terrestrial
4.7 Stars    from 119 reviews

A Blend of Chocolate and Peanut Butter with Reese's Pieces candies.

Sweet Butter with Almonds and Pecans
4.6 Stars    from 54 reviews

Sweet Butter popcorn is made with real butter for a sweet, buttery, & crunchy experience in ... Read More