Amish Country Buttery Topping

4.3 Stars From 8 reviews
Looking for a buttery topping like you get at the movies? Try Amish Country butter topping. Just add on top of warm popcorn and you're ready for movie night!
Price: $4.50


soybean oil, palm oil, artificial butter flavor, TBHQ and citric acid (added as an antioxidant), beta-carotene (added for color), and dimethyl polysiloxane (added as an antifoam agent)

Customer Reviews

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Sharon from Gonzales, TX
2020-01-20 12:50:52

I just didn't care for the flavor.

Christina from Caro, MI
2019-01-14 17:00:28

was on back order. wasn't able to get.

Nicole from WASHINGTON, MI
2018-06-19 10:21:42

My husbands favorite buttery topping, I use it while popping the popcorn in my Whirley Pop. Its great

Samuel from San Francisco, CA
2017-09-21 01:10:21

very yummy and just like the movies!

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