Business Holiday Gifts

When owning a business, it can become difficult to find inexpensive gifts for your employees during the holidays.  There are tons of business holiday gift options available for a reasonable price if you look hard enough.  At the Popcorn Wagon, we have a range of items that can be suitable gifts from your business. 

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes make great gifts for any occasion but are especially suitable for gifts that are under $20.  When you look on our website, you can view all of the gift boxes that we have available and choose two flavors to put inside the box.  The flavors come labeled and are wrapped up nicely in a large bad to make it look like a business gift.  There is also an option of putting a gift message in with the box.

During certain times of the year different gift boxes may be available, so do not hesitate to give our store a quick call if you are looking for Holiday boxes.  We can work with your business to ensure that you are happy with the choice of box and items inside for your business’s holiday gift.


Tins make a great corporate gift for when your business might have a little more money to spend on its employees.  We have two different sized tins, and both come with up to three flavors inside. The tins also come with the option of adding a gift message and are wrapped in a large bag to appear presentable for a gift.  

We try to keep our tins stocked full of all different types of tins throughout the year but get different tins during the Christmas holiday months.  We are more than willing to place a special order of tins for your company if this is something you are planning on doing.  We just ask that you please contact our store at least a month ahead of time.  


Our store has over 50 flavors of popcorn with many options for every customer.  Whether it be sweet, salty, traditional, or even a little more adventurous, there is a flavor for everyone at our store.  All of these flavors can be viewed on our website.


All of our popcorn and products can be shipped anywhere in the continental 48 states. If you are a business looking to ship popcorn out for the holidays, we can ship it to individual addresses for each of your customers or businesses.  We have had corporations send boxes to each of their branches before and we are more than pleased to help your company with this.  


Business holiday gifts are a great idea when you are trying to create a welcoming atmosphere.  There are no limits to what our store can assist you with and we try to give the customer the best experience possible. If you are interested in placing an order with us for the holiday we are more than excited to hear from you.