Popcorn Cravings

When you are craving popcorn in Frankenmuth, Michigan, what better place to satisfy your needs than the Popcorn Wagon. With over 50 flavors of popcorn and the ability to order online, you can receive your popcorn at the touch of a button. We have flavors for every customer and are sure to never leave you feeling disappointed.

Cheddar Cheese Flavor for Popcorn CravingsSalty Flavors

The Dill Pickle popcorn is our top seller with a crunch. It tastes almost identical to dill pickle-flavored chips and comes in multiple different sizes.

The Loaded Potato popcorn is a flavor that our employees cannot get enough of. It is our personal mix of lots of different seasonings to leave your tastes buds wanting more.

The Jalapeno Popper popcorn is a mild spicy popcorn that will help when you are looking for something with a spicy crunch. This flavor is our own mix of seasonings with lots of flavor and little heat. It will leave you feeling relived and give your mouth something to water over.


Sweet FlavorsApple Pie Flavor for Popcorn Cravings

The Apple Pie popcorn is a sweet caramel-like popcorn that tastes similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. It is a nice flavor to eat on its own for something sweet. This flavor is also another staff favorite!

The Caramel popcorn flavor is your traditional caramel corn that can be ordered with or without nuts. It is very traditional and for the customers that don’t want to try things outside of the box.


Kettle Corn Flavor for Popcorn CravingsSweet and Salty Flavors

The Bavarian Style popcorn is a mix of salted, cheddar, and caramel corn all mixed together at the perfect ratio to give you something sweet and salty in every handful. It is our take on the Chicago Style popcorn that you might have seen at Garrett’s Popcorn.

The Kettle Corn popcorn is the flavor for the traditional customer that wants a little bit of sweet and salty. It is not a flavor that is overpowering and has just enough flavor to keep you going.


Still Having Popcorn Cravings?

If you come to our store in Frankenmuth and are still feeling the food cravings, you should check out many of the other stores around! Getting cupcakes at Sugar High Bakery, cheese at The Cheese Haus, or fried chicken from downtown will leave any customer feeling satisfied.