Popcorn Kernels

Why should you pop your own Kernels?

Popping popcorn, yourself can be a cheaper, faster way to get your popcorn right at home. With just a little bit of oil on the stove, you can have your very own fresh popcorn to sit and watch a movie. With several options for types of Kernels, oils, and flavorings there are dozens of ways to mix up your classic popcorn.

You do not need a popper to pop at home. You can pop your own popcorn on your stovetop with a single pot and some oil. We like to use the ratio of 1/2 cup of popcorn and 1-3 tablespoons of oil for a 6-quart pan. This way you will have the perfect amount of popcorn for a family movie night.

Amish Country popcorn kernels on shelf.Types of Popcorn Kernels

Believe it or not, there are several different types of kernels and they all pop very differently. At our store in Frankenmuth, we carry two brands, Zastrow and Amish Country. Both brands will give you excellent popcorn but will give you different sizes and shaped kernels.

If you are looking for normal popcorn that you might see at the movie theatre, you might pick yellow corn or white corn. If you want a big tougher feeling corn, mushroom or caramel type is the one to pick. We use mushroom corn for all of our candied popcorn. This is because when the candy coating is applied to the corn it will not break it apart as easily. It is a tougher corn that can withstand more than your typical yellow or white corn.

There are also hulless kernels. These pop at a higher temperature and the hulls are thin enough that they almost evaporate away and no longer get stuck in your teeth! Amish Country sells Medium White Hulless popcorn that works this way and still gives you the satisfaction of having a nice bowl of popcorn.

Seasoning the PopcornDill Pickle seasoning for Popcorn Kernels.

Another thing to keep in mind when making your own popcorn at home is that you can flavor it in many different ways. You no longer need to just melt some butter in the microwave and add some salt to your popcorn. You can use seasonings that you have in your cupboard at home, or you can order some pre-mixed flavors Kernel Seasonings provides.

To season your popcorn, it is best to have all your equipment set up before you start to pop your kernels. We suggest having an extra paper bag or a large bowl for mixing. Right after your popcorn has been popped and is still warm, dump it into your large paper bag, add a good amount of seasoning and shake for about three minutes. This will ensure that all your popcorn is coated and ready to eat. You must make sure to do this when the popcorn is still warm. If the popcorn cools, the seasoning does not like to stick to the kernels as much and will leave you with flavorless popcorn.

Where to get Your Kernels?

The best popcorn kernels Frankenmuth has to offer can be found right in our store!  Visit our website to place an order and have them shipped right to your door, or come in and give us a visit.  We love seeing all the friendly faces of the satisfied customers that walk through our doors.