7lb Premium Mushroom Corn

7lb Premium Mushroom Corn

5.0 Stars From 21 reviews
This is a 7lbs bag of Premium Mushroom Popcorn grown in Hemlock MI. This is the same corn we pop in our store. Mushroom corn pops up fuller in a ball shape rather than wings which allows it to stand up to candy process. So if you're trying to make a candied popcorn, or just like a little more 'meat' to your corn, give the Mushroom Corn a try!
Price: $9.95

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Robert from Nokesville, VA
2021-01-22 06:49:11

Great, Consistent Quality and Service

Troy from Ypsilanti, MI
2020-12-25 15:56:14

My very favorite!

2020-05-24 10:37:04

Perfect mushroom popcorn. Will be ordering again.

Shianne from Galesburg, MI
2020-04-29 08:15:11