Happy Easter 2 Gallon Popcorn Tin

Happy Easter

Only Available in 2 gallon size.

Flavor 1:

Flavor 2:

Flavor 3:

Price: Pick Your Flavors


Our tins provide a great way to give a gift of popcorn!

Each tin can have up to 3 different flavors. For 1 flavor, just select a flavor in the first box. For 2 flavors (1/2 of the tin for each) then select a flavor for box 1 and 2. To have 3 flavors (1/3 of the tin for each) select a flavor for each box.

Please note: Our 'Jalapeno Popper' flavor has a strong smell that may carry into other flavors within the tin. You may want to consider getting a seperate bag with this flavor instead of incorporating it into a tin with other flavors.